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Address : Jl. Mega Kuningan No. 2, Jakarta Selatan 12950, Indonesia
Phone Number : (62-21)576-1039
Fax Number : (62-21)576-1034


  1. Complete the (Visa Application Form).
  2. A passport that still valid for a minimum of 6 months.
  3. Passport photo with a white background size 3.3 x 4.8 zoom 75% ( for the photos may not wear white clothes, accessories or glasses, earrings, and necklaces).
  4. Photocopy of KTP and Family Card.
  5. Complete the China Visa Itinerary Form (Form Itinerary)
  6. A copy of the child's birth certificate must be attached (for parents who take the child to travel to China).

Additional Requirements for Regular and Fast Process:

  1. Print out ticket reservation.
  2. Confirm the hotel name and address, hotel telephone number, visa applicant's name while staying there.
  3. Itinerary information in detail.


  1. Visa applicants must have a China visa at least once.
  2. Attach ticket confirmation relating to the destination and next departure date for complete the double visa application.
  3. Confirm the hotel with complete information such as hotel name and address, hotel telephone number, Chinese visa applicant's name.


  1. Invitation Letter from Companies in China.
  2. Company Sponsor Letter.


  1. For people who work on their KTPs as religious leaders, they must attach a statement that they will not carry out religious activities in China.
  2. For people who work on their KTPs as journalists, they must attach a statement that they will not carry out report or reporting activities while in China.
  3. For people who have a different KTP, name or date of birth with data in the passport, must attach a statement from kelurahan, that the name concerned is the same name and person, if the date of birth is different, the statement must match the data in the passport not on the KTP.
  4. Single Entry: The passport is valid for a minimum of 7 months from the date of departure of the applicant.
  5. Double Entry: The passport validity period at least 1 year from the date of departure of the applicant
  6. The Multiple Categories for Tourist Visas currently can not be processed.
  7. The Super Express process is currently only valid for Business Visa.


(Khusus Paspor Asing)
Single Biasa
5 Hari
IDR 695.000
IDR 895.000
Single Kilat
4 Hari
IDR 1.055.000
IDR 1.255.000
Single Super Kilat
3 Hari
IDR 1.255.000
IDR 1.455.000
Double Biasa
5 Hari
IDR 845.000
IDR 1.145.000
Double Kilat
4 Hari
IDR 1.205.000
IDR 1.505.000
Double Super Kilat
3 Hari
IDR 1.405.000
IDR 1.705.000
Multiple 6 Bulan Biasa
5 Hari
IDR 995.000
IDR 1.395.000
Multiple 6 Bulan Kilat
4 Hari
IDR 1.355.000
IDR 1.755.000
Multiple 6 Bulan Super Kilat
3 Hari
IDR 1.555.000
IDR 1.955.000
Multiple 1 Tahun Biasa
5 Hari
IDR 1.295.000
IDR 1.895.000
Multiple 1 Tahun Kilat
4 Hari
IDR 1.655.000
IDR 2.255.000
Multiple 1 Tahun Super Kilat
3 Hari
IDR 1.855.000
IDR 2.455.000
Single/Double Biasa (Paspor Amerika)
5 Hari
IDR 2.425.000
Single/Double Kilat (Paspor Amerika)
4 Hari
IDR 2.785.000
Single/Double Super Kilat (Paspor Amerika)
3 Hari
IDR 2.985.000
Single/Double Biasa (Paspor Kanada)
5 Hari
IDR 1.405.000
Single/Double Kilat (Paspor Kanada)
4 Hari
IDR 1.765.000
Single/Double Super Kilat (Paspor Kanada)
3 Hari
IDR 1.965.000
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